AGM and 2017 Calendar

Minutes: APPG for Diabetes AGM

5.7.17 5-6pm, PCH Room M

Members in attendance:

  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
  • The Rt Hon George Howarth MP
  • Mr Mark Pritchard MP
  • Mr Faisal Rashid MP
  • Mr Virendra Sharma MP
  • Mr Derek Twigg MP
  • Ms Valerie Vaz MP

Item 1:

Chair, Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, welcomed members to the AGM. Notified attendees that the purpose of meeting was to re-elect the officers of the Group. Chair read out the current roles held by members of the group.

Item 2:

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP moved to re-elect all officers to their previous roles. No objections. Roles appointed as follows:

  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP – Chair
  • Jim Shannon MP – Vice Chair
  • Victoria Atkins MP – Vice Chair
  • Liz McInnes MP – Co-Secretary
  • John McNally MP – Co-Secretary
  • Baroness Ludford – Treasurer

Item 3:

Any other business – none.

The calendar for forthcoming APPG for Diabetes meetings will be:

  • Wednesday, 6th of September – Access to Technology
  • Wednesday, 18th of October – Diabetes Prevention
  • Wednesday, 29th of November – Healthcare Professionals training

Details and speakers will be confirmed ahead of each meeting.



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