Report: Safety and Inclusion of Children with Medical Conditions at School

The APPG for Diabetes and the APPG on Epilepsy held a joint evidence session at the House of Commons on Wednesday 1st of March 2017 into the safety and inclusion of children with medical conditions at school.

Evidence was heard from parents Louise Taylor, Sue James and Sara Milocco; Professor Helen Cross, from the Great Ormond Street Hospital; Professor Simon Dyson, from De Montfort University; and Thalie Martini, Chair of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance. Written evidence and comments were also submitted by over 300 parents, children, schools and healthcare professionals.

The full report can be downloaded here.

The duty to support children with medical conditions is clearly not yet known, understood or implemented by enough schools.

It is not acceptable to expect individual parents to have to advocate and argue for their child’s rights. There is a greater role for the government and education bodies to play to ensure the law is adequately implemented and enforced and that children receive the necessary support.

Schools need to be better informed about what is expected of them, what adjustments are required, and then reassured that the procedures they have put in place are correct.



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