Lend your support for World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is a day when millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of diabetes. This year we’re talking about the complications diabetes can lead to and how to avoid them.

In the UK, diabetes leads to 65 early deaths every single day. Diabetes can cause blindness and it’s the leading cause to kidney disease. Each day, there’re over 200 cases of heart failure, over 75 strokes and more than 20 amputations caused by diabetes. The right diabetes care is crucial to help avoid developing complications now and in the future.

In honour of World Diabetes Day, we are asking MPs to pledge to improve care for everyone living with diabetes, in order to prevent these complications from ever taking place. 1011_appg_wdd-twitter-image

We are encouraging MPs to tweet this infographic to demonstrate their support for all people living with the condition. If your MP has twitter, you should be able to find their twitter handle by following this link.

Together, we can can do more to cut the financial and human costs of diabetes.

Know more of how you can know diabetes and fight diabetes.



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