No Data Apathy for the National Diabetes Audit

National clinical audits help us understand where health disparities occur in the care and treatment of long term conditions, such as diabetes.

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) is a major national clinical audit, which measures the effectiveness of diabetes healthcare against NICE Clinical Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards, in England and Wales. The NDA collects and analyses data for use by a range of stakeholders to drive changes and improvements in the quality of services and health outcomes for people with diabetes.

For the National Diabetes Audit to be an effective clinical tool it requires reliable and accurate information about diabetes care from all data sources such as GP Practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The NDA 2014-2015 saw a disappointingly low participation rate from GP practices which fell from 70.7% for 2012- 13 to 57.1% for 2013-14 and 57.3% for 2014-15 in England and Wales.

On analysis there were numerous reasons for the decrease in participation in the last NDA. These included having a complex ‘opt in’ registration and submission process, unclear data collection dates and issues over information governance.

In addition GP practices felt that the there was no incentive, financial or otherwise, to encourage participation GPs to submit data.

It was noted in the feedback from the 2014-2015 audit that support and direct management from the CCG helped to increase participation. Therefore, this year clear guidance for both GPs and CCGs has been written making the process as simple and clear as possible. Clear guidance on what data is needed and support for the submission of data will be provided to those that need it.

Key Dates for NDA data submission

Submission opens – 20 June 2016

Submission closes – 29 July 2016

Guidance for CCGs supporting GP practice participation

10 reasons why GP practices should participate in the NDA

Diabetes UK NDA team have also offered their support in making teleconference support meetings available, which can be booked via Eventbrite

NDA Data Submission Support Meetings

Briefing for NDA Data Submission – 8th and 10th June

Support for NDA Data Submission – 4th 5th and 6th July

The meetings are half an hour and the same meeting is repeated at the 3 times, so registration for one date is all that is needed.

The National Diabetes Audit (NDA) 2015-2016 offers the opportunity to transform data into meaningful information for critical decision making, research, development and innovation to improve the care of those living diabetes, but only with a collective participation of those with key information.

From June 2016, NDA metrics will be used for the indicators for the new Improvement and Assessment Framework for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG IAF). The CCG IAF aims to empower CCGs to deliver the transformation necessary to achieve the Five Year Forward View.

Diabetes is one of the six priority clinical areas for the CCG IAF and all CCGs will be assessed on the using NDA metrics.



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