Childhood Obesity Inquiry: Health Committee holds first evidence session

This week the Health Committee held their first evidence session of its childhood obesity strategy inquiry. The session gathered oral evidence from:

  • Dr Paul Darragh, Board of Science, British Medical Association
  • Professor Graham MacGregor, Chairman, Action on Sugar
  • Malcolm Clark, Co-ordinator, Children’s Food Campaign
  • Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability, British Retail Consortium
  • Ian Wright, Director General, Food and Drink Federation
  • Chris Snowdon, Director of Lifestyle Economics, Institute for Economic Affairs

The inquiry intends to build on the previous Committee’s work on the impact of diet and physical activity on health. It specifically considers what the Government’s policy priorities should be for addressing childhood obesity. Areas covered in the first half of this session include, the introduction of a sugar tax, the campaign to reduce salt consumption, persuading the pubic of the benefits of the sugar tax, saturated fat tax in Denmark, tax differentials, alternative forms of reformulation, advertising, retailer support for the tax, and labeling.

In the second half of this session, topics included a sugar tax, reformulation, advertising, retailers, and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition report.

You can view the session here:

Next week the Committee will hear from Jamie Oliver, who has recently launched his Sugar Rush campaign, and will then hear from Professor Susan Jebb OBE, University of Oxford Dr Peter Scarborough, University of Oxford Dr Alison Tedstone, Director of Diet and Obesity, Public Health England Dr Emma Boyland, Institute of Psychology, University of Liverpool Professor Simon Capewell, Vice President, Faculty of Pubilc Health Dr Colin Michie, Chair of Nutrition Committee, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

For more information on the session click here. 



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